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  Financial Policy  

Patients are expected to pay for our services at the time they are rendered. Our patients who have dental insurance are expected to pay the amount of their estimated co-pay and deductible at the time of service. Payments may be made using cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and/ or Discover. We also offer CARECREDIT, which is a financing option available only for healthcare expenses.


  • Insurance is a contract between the patient and/or employer and the insurance company. It is not a contract between our office and your insurance company. We will be happy to assist you by filing your insurance claim and answering the details that the insurance company may require. We cannot be responsible for payment by the insurance company.

  • Regarding a Minor: the responsibility for payment belongs to the parent and/ or guardian.




  1. Full pay cash discount: We offer a 5% accounting courtesy for all services paid in full with cash at time of service.

  2. Term loan: By arrangements with CARECREDIT we can offer patients, upon approval, an interest free-loan (up to 12 months) with no down payment, no annual fee and no prepayment penalty. Ask for an application.


If your insurance has not paid within 90 days of services rendered, you will need to make full payment to this office and reimbursed when your insurance company pays. After 90 days the patient is responsible to pursue payment from the insurance company All current documentation will be provided by mail in order to assist your inquiries. The insured has a better ability to deal with the insurance company and the employer responsible for the policy.

If you have any questions or concerns please don't hesitate to call the office. 

Insurance Providers

Our office participates with most major PPO plans. Below are a list of some of the insurance companies with which we participate. If you do not see your company on the list, please feel free to check with your insurance company or give our office a call. 

  • Cigna PPO

  • Delta Dental PPO

  • Metlife PPO

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO

  • Aetna PPO

  • Humana PPO

  • And More

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